Help with Avoiding Pregnancy Naturally

Using naturally occurring times of fertility and infertility

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A Women's Menstrul Cycle Is an Amazing Event


Each menstrual cycle has naturally occurring times of fertility and infertility, which can be easily identified when charting your cycle on a daily basis with the Creighton Model of FertilityCare.


On a day to day basis a woman can know if she is fertile or infertile. When using this system to avoid pregnancy, couples avoid sexual intercourse on those days that are considered fertile. Simple.


Communication becomes important and couples need to learn new ways of communicating and expressing their love for each other, other than through the act of sexual intercourse.

Couples using the Creighton Model find that their relationships grow and become stronger.

Using A Simple Tool: A Chart

How does the Creighton Model help couples learn their natural times of fertility and infertility?

We use a simple tool…..a chart. A chart that records your most fertile sign of the day.

This chart enables you to know everyday if you are fertile or infertile. You then as a couple decide if you have intercourse or not. If it is a time of fertility and you decide to have intercourse, there is a possibility that you will achieve a pregnancy. If it is a time of infertility there is a 96.8% possibility that you will not achieve a pregnancy.

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