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“After miscarriages, we know that holding our Son is because of the Magnolia team”

After the two miscarriages in one year, and no success at falling pregnant after those losses, this couple were extremely fearful and sad.

Their mutual trauma had them afraid of achieving and losing another baby, while and at the same time they were sad and frustrated that they had not been able to achieve since the last miscarriage. 

Investigations by her GP revealed nothing – both in regards to the reason for the miscarriages or the reason to not be able to fall pregnant again. 

Each following cycle was a journey of fear and disappointment. They were referred by friends to Magnolia FertilityCare and our team helped them optimise their cycle to achieve a pregnancy.

When the pregnancy was confirmed there were mixed feelings of fear and elation. Each day wondering was this the day the miscarriage would happen.

Our team worked alongside them with progesterone protocols and such to best support the maintenance of the pregnancy and thankfully that day did not arrive.

A beautiful baby boy arrived for their arms to hold and their hearts to love.

When you conceive naturally after all the IVF ‘experts’ tell you that would be impossible…

“We were told that we would never achieve a healthy baby naturally…” Trevor and Sam.* So that’s when this couple turned to IVF initially to have baby number 1. However, when wanting to conceive baby number 2 they were informed they had to wean their breastfeeding toddler for the doctors to take on their case.

This was something they were not willing to do. But they were conscious of trying to conceive with advancing maternal age working against them.

They were referred to Magnolia by Dr Miller, OBGYN to start charting and see what that would reveal.  They thought they had nothing to lose but were not expecting that a pregnancy would happen.

When the pregnancy test came back positive after charting for 3 months – whoa, there were tears of joy, confusion and disbelief.  

When you can fall pregnant with no intervention after being told that you will NEVER fall pregnant naturally that is understandable.  We were all crying, including the toddler on the hip!

“Four Years of actively trying, it’s hard to believe it only took 4 more months!”

While a very positive couple, Amelia and Leo were rather tired after four years of trying to conceive. Stepping into the journey of learning Creighton Method of charting and all the elements it entails was a last beacon of hope.

While usual GP studies hadn’t brought back results to explain the infertility they were experiencing, our NaProTechnology testing revealed low thyroxine requiring thyroxine medication, positive GGT, so we commenced Amelia on a Metformin protocol.

On top of this, she had confirmed PCOS which resulted in very long cycles which were hard to track without understanding The Peak Day.

They also suffered from infrequent sexual relations as hubby travelled frequently overseas and had 2 trips away during the 16 week period of time we were working alongside them.

This is when we were able to harness the understanding gained from our best practice charting and provide them with the means to achieve the baby of their dreams. We added progesterone and HCG for luteal support to optimise conception and implantation. This also decreased the length of her cycles to regular lengths.

Indeed, they felt hopeful now that they would be having a baby regardless of how long the journey would take.

They did not have to wait too long at all as 16 weeks later, they contacted us as soon as the positive test was seen, so happy and amazed that this had happened so quickly.

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Charted for only 13 weeks!

After expecting the journey to take at least 12 months, this couple were amazed they achieved a successful pregnancy in just over 12 weeks of charting with us!   It had been around 18 months of trying to conceive when this couples GP sent them to Dr Miller for more in depth investigation and subsequent referral to Cathryn Marshall of Magnolia Fertility Care, to learn the charting. 

They had been using their own cycle charting method. A low AMH and low progesterone levels were identified in their blood tests. 

Based on their previous time spent trying to achieve they were anticipating a long, long road ahead but were committed to the process and diligent.  We added progesterone pessary protocols to the 2nd half of her cycle and looked at fertility focussed intercourse (a specific approach!) 

When the pregnancy test revealed a positive they were shocked and completely surprised that they could be pregnant so soon! Just 13 weeks after beginning the protocols with us.

From 20 months of TTC to only 7 weeks with our approach!

“We were exhausted physically, emotionally and financially, from trying to achieve a pregnancy for almost 2 years, with no explanation as to what was going on for us…” Dan and Becky*

That is when this couple were finally referred by their GP to NaproTechnology OBGYN specialist surgeon for investigation – Dr Brendan Miller – who in turn referred them to Magnolia Fertility Care to learn how to chart their cycle with the Creighton Model of Fertility Care..

After their visit with our Magnolia team, they felt that a glimmer of hope was available to them, and they were looking forward to starting the charting to see what they could learn.

Previous blood tests  revealed nothing out of the ordinary, BUT we discovered that Bec’s cycles were consistently longer – up to 37 days in length – an indicator of PCOS. Their charting helped them to know their time of fertility and they were also able to focus on intercourse at the right time of her cycle.

They charted for 7.5 weeks and Progesterone was found to be deficient in her luteal ( post peak phase) Progesterone was begun. Becky used her chart to identify the  correct timing to begin her progesterone. 

A holiday overseas visiting family was when the pregnancy test showed positive! 

“Ecstatic” was the word they used, and they grew in confidence with each passing day, particularly knowing that they have the support of our specialist team through their pregnancy. 

They could not comprehend that they were able to get pregnant so quickly!

*names changed for privacy sake

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